SLIPS® Repel

Designed for large industrial liquid containers, SLIPS® Repel coatings feature a liquid layer that allows sticky fluids (e.g. paints, liquid adhesives, lotions) to easily flow through production systems with virtually no residue left behind. This significantly reduces downtime caused by cleaning processes and product changeovers, creating increased throughput and production uptime, while minimizing cleaning chemicals and wastewater.

SLIPS® Repel is an innovative, nanotextured coating that can be applied to almost any liquid containing vessel. If required, AST can also customize the proprietary liquid layer technology to target particularly challenging fluids.

We are currently validating SLIPS® Repel coatings on customer sites. For technical and sales information please click here.

SLIPS® Foul Protect™

SLIPS® N1 is a first-of-kind marine Foul Protect™ coating that solves the persistent problem of biofouling on vessels, structures, and equipment in contact with marine environments. Barnacles, mussels, and micro-organisms that stick to ship hulls cost over $15 billion in additional fuel costs to vessel operators, as well as requiring costly cleaning, downtime, and loss of maneuverability.

The patented SLIPS® technology creates a unique liquid surface that defends vessel hulls against attachment of marine life. While other non-toxic solutions have fallen short of customer expectations, SLIPS® N1 is effective at speeds relevant to sail boats, motor boats, and commercial ships.

Since SLIPS® N1 is free from copper biocides, it is environmentally benign, and since it contains low VOCs, it is easy to apply and safe for applicators. It can be applied by conventional equipment to fiberglass, metal, plastic, and glass.

In addition to ships and vessels, SLIPS® N1 also benefits aquaculture netting, water handling infrastructure, and submerged sensors.

SLIPS® marine coatings are backed by over two years of field testing with the U.S. Office of Naval Research and have been installed on a number of trial vessels. We are now expanding our beta-launch program and recruiting both recreational and commercial vessel owners and operators to demonstrate the benefits of SLIPS® Foul Protect™ coatings for all vessel types.

To apply for an exclusive preview of the future of marine coatings by taking part in our beta-launch program, or to simply learn more, please click here.

In Development

AST’s novel surfaces and their unique features are created from a platform technology. We are actively addressing a wide range of new opportunities such as ice/frost sticking to refrigerator evaporators, corrosion and mineral deposition inside cooling pipes, drag caused by friction in oil pipelines, bacteria sticking to urinary catheters, and blood clotting in hemodialysis tubes.

In addition to the SLIPS® line of products featuring stable liquid surfaces, we have also invented a wealth of associated products based on the techniques and chemistries utilized in our core technologies. These products show promise in non-stick performance, providing barriers to corrosion, increasing lubricity, and preventing biofouling. Please reach out to us to discuss further by clicking here.