Adaptive Surface Technologies details upcoming launch of SLIPS® Foul Protect™ N1x product at New England Boat Show

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February 8, 2019 – At the 2019 New England Boat Show, Adaptive Surface Technologies is providing some details about the upcoming launch of its new SLIPS® Foul Protect™ N1x marine product. N1x will be available to order in mid-March to ship to customers later in April (exact shipping date to be announced soon). N1x is an improved version of SLIPS® Foul Protect™ N1, which underwent a successful beta program in 2018.

The N1 beta launch consisted of painting more than 10 vessels on the US East Coast, West Coast, and in the Great Lakes. Painting started in late 2017, and continued through April of 2018. All the vessels remained in the water for the 2018 season, and those in warm water climates are still in the water.

The results of the beta launch were positive, with N1 performing on par with or better than incumbent anti-fouling coatings on most vessels. Any growth that did manage to accumulate was easily cleaned off with a cloth, sponge, or hose. After end of year cleanings, the coating was reported to look “good as new”, maintaining its smooth, slippery surface.

While AST is pleased with the results of the Beta Study, there were some minor issues observed that led to the creation of N1x. First, N1 was damaged on a vessel that operated through the winter and was used to break ice. While N1x is still not recommending for ice-breaking, it is more resistant to physical wear and tear than N1. Second, while AST is proud of developing a coating without any biocides that performs the same as or a bit better than existing anti-fouling coatings, that is not AST’s end goal. AST strives to bring a product to the market that far exceeds anything available today in performance. N1x represents another step towards that goal, clearly showing an advantage over anti-fouling coatings in our testing. NOTE – the below pictures are an uncolored version of N1x; the final product color will be white.



N1x combines SLIPS® patented lubricant technology and surface activated polymers with a silicone backbone. This creates an ultra-smooth, slippery surface that, when combined with the increased fouling performance, can save up to 8% in fuel costs and increase speed. N1x does not have any copper or other biocides, so it is able to maintain peak performance indefinitely, unlike traditional anti-fouling which slowly leaches biocides and loses effectiveness over time. Copper and other biocides often require coatings be made into dark colors, but since N1x does not have any biocides, it has been formulated to be a white color that will complement the above-the-waterline paint of many vessels better than current bottom paints.

Technical documents, including application instructions, TDS, and SDS will be available soon, as will information on how to order the product. To be contacted when the product is available to order, please email